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Help-U-Sell Winter Warm-Up Contest

Objective: Keep the Help-U-Sell team motivated and active through the holidays and first chilly months of the year.  These are the times when ordinary brokers slow down, take time off and hibernate.  We want to create activity, stay busy, find the business the others are missing and make it to spring with pending sales and a healthy inventory.  

Structure: The contest is a simple accumulation of points:  5 points for every new listing taken, 3 points for every buyer side closed and 2 points for every listing side closed.  If you take a listing and sell it to a buyer in-house (and the sale closes before the end of February 2012), you will earn 10 points.  If you take a listing and an outside broker sells it and it closes, you’ll earn 7 points.  If an agent in your office sells a buyer an outside broker’s listing, you earn 3 points.  

Prizes: All winners receive a dandy Help-U-Sell logo shirt PLUS:

Overall Point Total Winners

1st place:  4 month’s Admin Fees ($1,000 value)

2nd place:  2 month’s Admin Fees ($500 value)

3rd place:  1 month Admin Fee ($250 value)

Category Winners

Most Listing Taken Points, Most Closed Buyer Side Points, Most Closed Listing Side Points all receive 1 month’s Admin Fee ($250 value)

Note:  Overall Point Total Winners are ineligible for Category Awards.


Updates: We will send these out on the 15th and the last day of each month. Top Ten leaders in each award category will be presented.  


Listings must be new listings. Re-Lists/renewals don’t count.

Your personal property (personal residence or investment) does not count.

We will start counting on Nov. 1 and stop Feb. 29. 

We count the date the listing or closed side actually gets into OMS, not the date specified in the actual contract.

Overall winners (1, 2 and 3) are not eligible for Category awards.

Updates will go out via email blast on the 15th and Last Day of each month.

Winners Announced:  March 7 on the Roundtable Call.

Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of This Contest

1. Create an in-office companion contest for your sales associates.

2. Plan some basic marketing geared at generating seller leads during the period (it all begins with a listing).

3. Organize and orchestrate a FSBO/Expired/PID and implement it during the contest period.

4. Touch base with everyone you’ve ever worked with to remind them you are HERE and to ask for referrals.

5. Buy 200 blitz signs and put 50 out every week (never take them down – leave that for your competition!).

6. Commit to Seller Participation! Measure success by how many seller-held open house directional signs are up in your marketplace every weekend.

7. Run a Facebook Pay-Per-Click campaign targeting homeowners in your market.

8. Start a diet and/or exercise plan to run concurrent with the contest.  It’s a four-month contest, so it’s possible you could lose 25 pounds or more. Tying the two together will give both programs a greater chance for success!

9. Plan tomorrow’s activities before you go to bed tonight. Really: you will organize and prepare for the upcoming day while you sleep and the whole day will just . . . flow!

10. Get up 15 minutes early every day and spend the extra time on Gratitude. What are you grateful for? What are your blessings? It is a scientific fact (!) that success and abundance begin with gratitude.

Questions, Comments or Advice:  James Dingman (619) 606-2228. Contest updates will be an ongoing part of every Wednesday Broker Roundtable Conference Call, so why not plan to attend whenever you can? The call occurs every Wednesday at 9 a.m., Pacific time.

Publish Date: 10/20/2011 12:00:00 AM